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Legal Help For Texas Businesses

Whether you are involved in a brand-new startup company or a major international corporation, you will need legal help. Because of the complications involved with commercial law and the stakes involved, it is critical to work with a lawyer you trust, someone with experience, knowledge and a firm dedication to helping your business thrive.

At Donald L. Davis, P.C., we serve clients in our hometown of Granbury, as well as in Fort Worth and the surrounding Texas areas. Our attorney, Donald L. Davis, has exceptional experience. For more than 40 years he has been practicing law in areas that include transactional work, criminal defense and prosecution (including serving as the Oldham County district attorney), dispute resolution and litigation. Whatever issues your business will be facing, our attorney and team can get the results you need.

Solidifying More Informal Arrangements

If you have a small business, it is likely you will choose one of the less formal business organization structures. Partnerships and limited liability companies (LLC) create cooperation among members of the company without requiring the more stringent policies of a corporation. Unless you own your business and run it completely on your own, it is critical that you make legal agreements as to the details of your partnership or LLC. This can prevent confusion, arguments and serious legal troubles later.

Formality For Larger Businesses

If you have a larger business, a corporation structure may be right for you. In this structure, you have the ability to sell stocks, which divides the legal ownership of the company. You are required to hold member meetings and take the opinion of the stockholders into account when making business decisions.

Your Legal Partner For The Life Of Your Business

Whether your company is large or small, established or just starting out, let us help you make the decisions that are right for you. We can help your business from its initial conception for years to come. Call us at 817-865-3200 or email us to schedule a consultation.