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Your Legal Partner In Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are an individual buying or selling your first home or an executive in charge of a major commercial real estate transaction, one thing remains the same: You need help. The stakes are too high in real estate, and there are too many complications and potential pitfalls to move forward without the help of an experienced lawyer on your side.

At Donald L. Davis, P.C., we are here to help. With more than 40 years of experience, attorney Donald L. Davis has handled all types of real estate transactions. He knows what to look for and how to protect your financial interests. For many years, our clients in Granbury and the surrounding Texas area have trusted in our knowledgeable and experienced counsel.

Handling Both Residential And Commercial Transactions

Real estate isn’t limited to just one type of property. Whether you are facing residential or commercial transactions, you can trust us to explain the process and help make the entire transaction smoother and easier.

Create a home, buy a space for your business or sell property for your financial gain. We can help negotiate, draft and review purchase and sale agreements. We can do title searches and clear title actions. We can help with zoning and land use issues, easements and property line disputes. In short, we will have you covered.

Work Through The Details Of A Lease Or Purchase

Whether you are in the market for a home, are selling a home to another person, or are dealing with issues arising from a lease, make sure you have experienced legal representation to avoid complications and bring about a swift and beneficial resolution.

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